Just show up the day of the shoot and I will take it from there. An incredible headshot, minus the worries

They experienced the 5-star headshot session

« Mathieu is calm, professional and he directs well to get the perfect photo! I don’t like being photographed and the experience was reassuring and the results perfect! Thank you!»

Marianne Auclair

Regional director

« Mathieu is a passionate and applied photographer. Endowed with great kindness, he knows how to make us feel confident in front of the camera. Everything is reflected in the soul of his photos. They are beautiful, professional and natural. I highly recommend him! »

Chantal Viens


« Mathieu offers very professional and personalized service. He knew how to put me at ease from the start of the session and he’s very good at explaining with a smile the recommendations to follow during the shoot. I recommend his services to anyone looking for top quality headshots »

Serge Parent


Having high quality professional photos gives the advantage of:

Stand out

A quality headshot sets you apart from your competition by emphasizing a high regard for quality in everything you undertake.

More opportunities

 A professional photo creates an instant bond with your target audience and makes them want to know more about you.

A solid first impression

An outstanding headshot makes you memorable, humanizes your profile, gives you credibility and opens doors for you.

No need to worry or stress about your session, you just have to follow my directions!

At the very start of your headshot session, you will quickly see the benefits of my unique approach. The atmosphere is relaxed, we chat and we even have fun through the whole process. You’re not left on your own in front of the camera! I coach and direct you throughout the session to obtain high-end results.

This is the key to success in order to create a unique headshot, bring out your personality and capture a sincere and natural expression. It’s the moment when you’re not thinking about your appearance that you at your most photogenic!

Getting your high quality professional headshot is actually very simple


Use the online scheduler by clicking on the “Book now” button


I direct you through various expressions and coach you throughout the shoot


We review your images right after the shoot and you select the desired number of photos


I retouch and deliver the images to you in digital format within 7 to 10 days

You’re not “photogenic”?

95% of the people I photograph hate being photographed because they just don’t consider themselves photogenic. However, everyone has the potential to be photogenic.

The difference between a photogenic person and a person who does not consider himself to be is simply the confidence that the latter exhibits in front of the camera. And bringing out that confidence in front of the camera is my job .

No need to stress about it, just get to the studio and I’ll take care of the rest.

If you have a face, I can make you look good 

I will guide you to obtain images of the real person you are, on your best day. All you have to do is show up the day of the shoot and I will take care of everything else!

Expressions 101

There are 3 things people can control on their faces: the eyes, the eyebrows and the mouth.

Each of these elements, in different combinations, can emit various facial expressions to convey different moods. An experienced headshot photographer makes sure to get the right combination that best fits the client’s needs.

As a photographer specializing in this type of photography, I will coach you by giving you useful instructions to achieve the desired look while remaining authentic and natural!

Putting little importance on your image could make you miss your next advancement opportunity or your next major client!

A professionnal headshot must express :


Confidence comes from the eyes. Your headshot must leave no doubt that you are an expert in your field.


Accessibility is based on body language and your smile. A forced smile won’t cut it; it must be natural and authentic.

Visibility et credibility

A quality headshot boosts your visibility and credibility. It builds a solid foundation and sparks an instant bond of trust

Corporate headshot

  • Display an image quality worthy of your services
  • Gain visibility and get more opportunities
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Communicate a positive message to your customers
  • Change your perception of yourself
  • Get the job you deserve

Actor headshot

  • Display an image quality worthy of your talent
  • Get more visits to your profile
  • Stand out from your peers
  • Be proud of the image that represents you
  • Obtain the audition you want
  • Get the role you deserve

Corporate headshot

  • Display an image quality worthy of your services
  • Gain visibility and get more opportunities
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Communicate a positive message to your customers
  • Change your perception of yourself
  • Get the job you deserve

Actor headshot

  • Display an image quality worthy of your talent
  • Get more visits to your profile
  • Stand out from your peers
  • Be proud of the image that represents you
  • Obtain the audition you want
  • Get the role you deserve

Professionnel portraits

My specialty being commercial headshots for professionals, I really like meeting people from all spheres of activity. But a headshot is actually just one type among many types of portraits. I produce contemporary professional portraits in studio or outside. As a portrait photographer, I can help you with your personal branding or, perhaps, just to create memories that will last over time.

LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a network for professionals. We exchange photos with your cat for something a little more appropriate for this network of professional contacts. Your LinkedIn profile photo should be simple, of high quality and inspire confidence. It needs to grab attention instantly, in a positive way.

Real-estate broker headshots

For a real estate broker, your headshot is the cornerstone of your brand image. The vibe that your professional photo should project is simple: They are dealing with a trustworthy, competent real estate broker that is dedicated to guiding you through one of the most important stages of their lives. < / p>

Montreal headshots

I often travel to Montreal for on site company headshot sessions. Want an experience like no other? Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager or actor in the Montreal region, you need a solid headshot. Creating outstanding headshots is my passion and my specialty. Stand out with a quality headshot that works for you, 24/7.

Updating your professional photos doesn’t have to be a burden and doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. My support and coaching method is simple, effective and reassuring. Come experience the 5-star headshot session …

You’ll love your new headshot!

Frequently asked questions


If you usually wear make-up, I strongly suggest that you hire the services of a talented make-up artist with whom I have already worked with. They know exactly how to apply the type of makeup necessary to achieve professional results. She’ll make your makeup look amazing and ultimately be thrilled with your new professional headshot.


It’s important to understand that your face is the focus in a headshot session, not your clothes or your jewelry. Keeping this in mind, I recommend that everything you wear be discreet, so we keep it simple, solid color tops as much as possible, no patterns or prints. That said, I suggest bringing at least two or three different tops that you really like

As far as jewelry is concerned, we keep that to a minimum. If you really have to wear some, small stud earrings would be best for your professional headshot session.


Excellent lighting and coaching techniques take care of most “flaws” from the start. I retouch the chosen photos at the desired level. Of course, there are limits to what should be retouched, I want the person who sees your photo to recognize you when they meet you for the first time. Normally we get rid of what is temporary and not a part of who you are, like pimples or redness in the skin. The goal is to obtain a polished, but natural image.

We will discuss your expectations in more detail after selecting the images.


The vast majority of people who come hate being photographed or say they are not photogenic. What exactly is a photogenic person? To be photogenic is quite simply to be confident in front of the camera. Confidence in front of the camera is one of the aspects that we will work together throughout your headshot session. Expression. Trust. Accessibility.


My rates are adjusted from a session of 3 or more people. You can use my cost estimation tool for a group submission whether in the studio or on site.


No, the work needed to create an awesome headshot remains the same. I emphasize quality over quantity, which is why I do not have a time limit for my individual package. We work as a team to bring out the best in you so that your professional headshot sets you apart. Whether it’s your LinkedIn profile or for your company’s website, having a high quality headshot gives you advantages and opportunities that an ordinary photo cannot offer you.


Once you get to the studio, we chat a bit and look at what clothes you have brought. Then I adjust the lighting and I start coaching you slowly while you warm up to the camera a bit. At different times, I will ask you to come and see the progress of the captured images on the computer and make sure that everything is progressing to your liking. Once we are finished with the shoot, we review the images on the computer and you choose the photo or photos you want to be retouched.

Typically, the photo session lasts between 30 minutes and two hours, depending on your needs, and 15 to 30 minutes for photo selection.

I like to talk about everything and nothing, laugh, and take pictures in a fairly relaxed atmosphere.


Headshots are my cup of tea as they say. It’s the specialty I chose and I love what I do.

I will guide you throughout the session on everything you need to know. Expression, angles, positioning, hair, etc. The goal of the session is to create incredible photos, and I will take as little or as much time to get them. In addition to confidence and accessibility, you must look relaxed, competent, that you are in control. If your headshot does not contain these elements, it could harm you more than anything else. It’s the first impression people subconsciously feel when they see your photo. We end up with that perfect blend of trust and accessibility.

Best headshot ever?

Do you want to put all the odds in your favour and get the best headshot possible, no matter which photographer you choose? Submit your information below and I’ll send you some practical tips for your next headshot session!

Professional headshot photographer

What is your first reflex when someone tells you about a new co-worker or a new person he or she si dating? You Google them, you research Facebook or elsewhere on the interwebs, right?

A professional headshot photographer is someone who will help you make sure that what these people find when they search for you is up to the standards you wish your image to project. I will direct and coach you, use my experience and my techniques to get amazing results.

A selfie or a photographer who does not take this type of photo regularly won’t cut it. I specialize in the field and I know how to show you under your best light. Your image is my business.


A headshot simply refers to a photo with your face as the focal point of the image. Many people use the general term “corporate photo” to describe a headshot.

The original use, headshots for actors and actresses, is more often than not the gateway to an audition for a desired role. Your headshot should therefore not be overlooked, and should be created by a professional who will help you get noticed by the members of the casting team. Your headshots should highlight you for the type of role (s) you seek.

Nowadays, the rise in popularity of social networks, as well as the importance of online branding on your website means that everyone needs a headshot that represents them well.

Professionnal photographer in Sherbrooke

Are you a respected and recognized professional in Sherbrooke or an entrepreneur trying to build a network of clients? Perhaps you are trying to increase your market share through an increased presence on social networks? Whatever your needs, your image should sell you when you are not there to do it yourself.

I am one of the few photographers in Sherbrooke and its surrounding areas specializing in the field. I welcome you in the studio or I can also move the studio to you. I work with you to exceed the expectations that were established during your last photoshoot. Taking your photo doesn’t have to be a painful exercise. On the contrary, it must be fun and you will learn a thing or two that you can use in your next shoots!

& nbsp;

Corporate photo

The importance of your brand online is greater than ever. Calling an expert for your professional photos gives you an undeniable advantage.

Professional photos

Your image is as important as the products or services you offer. Your professional photos must reflect the quality and standards that you intend to offer to your customers!

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On site headshots

I can also go to your offices to offer you simplicity of logistics and consistency of image quality, during the shoot as well as for you new employees thereafter.

& nbsp;

Team headshots

Your team of professionals are the heart of your business. Headshots of your staff will enhance the feeling of belonging in addition to ensuring the cohesion of your corporate branding.

& nbsp;

Lawyer headshots

The headshot of a lawyer must demonstrate that he is confident and in control of the situation, a trustworthy person whom people can count on. You are at the right place.

& nbsp;

Student headshots

Your personal branding begins long before being established as an expert in your field. A quality student headshot opens doors to interesting career opportunities.

& nbsp;

In fact, I cover all your needs for headshots and professional photos …

  • Actor headshots

  • Theatrical headshots

  • Comedian headshots

  • Performer headshots

  • Author headshots

  • Headshots of musicians

  • Artist headshots

  • Management team headshots

  • Employee headshots

  • Sales team headshots

  • Staff headshots

  • Doctor headshots

  • Support team headshots

  • Human Resources Headshots

  • Headshots of notaries

  • Headshots of dentists

  • Notary headshots

  • Headshots of politicians

  • Lawyer headshots

  • Model headshots

  • And more!

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